About Us

Our Story

The owner of the product formula, Mr. Sebastian, is a successful businessman whose wife used to be suffer from  hair loss. However, due to serious allergies, she could use almost none of the hair growth products available on the market. To make his wife happy, Mr. Sebastian constantly searched for safe and effective hair growth products during his business trips. By chance, he met the indigenous people of the Brazilian Amazon rain forest, and after learning of his needs and intentions, they generously gave him their ancient and mysterious hair growth formula. Mr. Sebastian then sent the formula to a British laboratory for analysis and testing, where the safety and efficacy of the formula were confirmed in 1995. Since then the original formula has been passed down with even more improvements to this day.

Ervamatin Asia - A GS Group Venture

Ervamatin Asia is the healthcare products arm of GS (Guru Sai) Groups. We are a young and emerging corporate group that trades in marine parts and products.

With the same dedication and spirit, we have ventured in to the Heathcare Industry as GSHP  Guru Sai Healthcare Products.
Our motto is to provide good health and wellness to the people.

We have now become Asia’s direct sole distributor for Ervamatin Hair Lotion (Import and Distribution) - a world leader in hair oil and hair related products.

100% Genuine Products

The original Ervamatin that has the best and potent ingredients from the Amazon.